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Apparently the leasing people fucked up my application when I first moved in, because it took them 2 months to get me recertified to live here for this year because of issues with my initial application. They finally got everything done, which is good because it was very stressful. They asked me to backdate the lease because they are shady and will get in trouble if a state audit finds out what happened. I saved the voicemail saying that I was recertified this month and asking me to come in and sign the lease. Because, you know, shady.

There is a woman who lives on the second floor. Her daughter is in 5th grade and goes to the same school as Ned. (Ned does not go to the neighborhood school, which is crappy and full of bullies.) Every time we talk she tells me that she's been on disability since she was 30. There are lots of people on disability here, and most mention it often and then tell horror stories about why they are on disability, but she's the only one who always says how long she's been on it. She is very weird, but not for that reason. She is almost always drunk. And she says horrible things about her kid's dad in front of her kid and it makes me feel sad.

I've given her and her kid rides home from school a couple times. Her kid and my kid talked about playing Minecraft. And then her kid asked if my kid could go over to their house and play. And I said yes, even though ugh. But then Ned didn't want to go right away when we got home. And so I told drunk bad neck mom and her kid that maybe he'd want to come up later. About an hour later she angrily knocks on my door and grumpily asks if Ned is coming up. Ned doesn't want to without me (yay) so I tell her that he decided he didn't want to play. Now she keeps angrily mentioning that maybe her kid and my kid could play Minecraft sometime.

Oh! And speaking of angrily knocking on my door -- the other night I heard a knock on my door, but we were all lounging on my bed and I didn't want to answer it. Later I was in the bathroom and I thought I heard another knock, but you know, bathroom. So. Like 10 minutes later there is very angry knocking on my door. I answer it and it's the woman who lives above me grumpily tells me that they have some bread for me. I go outside and her trunk is full of old bread. So. Okay.

For all that this building is crazy and I really don't like most of the people who live here, I'm very glad we have a place to live.

I've been sending my resume out like crazy. I am hopeful that someday I will have a better job.

I've been slacking on making good dinners. Tonight my children ate about 3 servings of broccoli a piece. Sorry for the lack of vitamins,

I have $60 in gift cards at Amazon. I'm tempted to use them for this Amazon Pantry dealie.

Date: 2014-10-18 04:12 am (UTC)
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Amazon is awesome for food!

Holy crazy neighbors. I relate. Ned is wise.

Date: 2014-10-23 12:51 am (UTC)
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I feel bad because I am back to making the kids hide inside now. We play at school and at my niece's house, but I know they want to run around outside here. I'm avoiding explaining why I don't like it.


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