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Born of a Startling Answer

Woozy. And full of rage.

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Birthdate:Dec 1
Location:United States of America
Here are some important things about me:
  • I have a kid. He is awesome.
  • I am a girl. And as much as I'd like to be radical and cool and cast off the shackles of arbitrary societal classifications, my gender has a lot to do with who I am.
  • I read a lot. And I don't believe in high-art/low-art bullshit.
  • I am a spaz. I have always been a spaz.
  • I am quiet. No amount of cajoling will get me to talk more. But Jack Daniels might.
  • I think most people are fascinating and wonderful when experienced as an individual and most people are annoying and boring when experienced in a group.
  • I'm the youngest of five kids, but my siblings are all a lot older than me. So working that birth-order psychological mojo on me is complicated.
  • I live in a house with three cats. I don't have any plants. I am morally opposed to making my bed.
  • Interests (150):

    abiquiu, accents, anthropology, art, avoidance, bah, beatniks, beauty, being quiet and afraid, belly buttons, ben the mighty poet, black velvet, blues, body modification, book stores, brak, breasts, bubble baths, byron, candle wax, candy, catharses, cats, cemeteries, central city, cerulean, charlotte bronte, chocolate, chubby chicks, clean sheets, coffee, compassion, conan the adventurer, cookies, cooking, cowboys, cuddling, cultural revolution, curves, dancing, dark, death, decadence, denver, dr seuss, drinking, e.e. cummings, empty wooden drawers, etymology, extra u's, fancy froglin, fire, fluff, forensic science, funeral industry, genealogy, georgia o'keeffe, ginger ale, goth, gregory corso, grey panties, hair bands, henry rollins, hooray, incense, independent film, jane austen, jazz, johnny cash, kids in the hall, kissing, kittens, language, lawrence ferlinghetti, learning, leather, lemon drop martinis, leonard cohen, lewis carrol, light, linguistics, lipgloss, london, love, lucid dreaming, me-me-doe, metamorphosis, mortuary science, mountains, mr. darcy, mr. rochester, mr. rogers, neil gaiman, new york, nick cave, nothing, nothing at all, npr, olives, on our backs, open minds, opera, pagan, pathology, pbs, peanut butter and jeremy, pee wee herman, phillip glass, pickup lines, pink socks, pocket dragons, poetry, poets row, poker, quirkiness, rain, reading, red wine, riboflavin, sea monkeys, sewing, shakespeare, shoes, singing in the car, sleeping, socks, space ghost, spirituality, storms, striped socks, sunset, sushi, swooning, taking over the world, tattoos, thundercats, tiny carrots, toast, tom waits, toys, tree huggers, twang, velvet, vinyl, vodka, wales, welsh mythology, whiskey, words, writing
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